Central Line placement was necessary in this patient due to:hypotension
Informed Consent was obtained: Yes
The R IJ area was prepped in sterile fashion with
Betadine prep, sterile equipment including triple protection (mask,
gown and gloves). Time out was preformed prior to the procedure.
Ultrasound Guidance was used.
Needle was used to cannulate vein. Dark non-pulsatile blood was
noted. At all times, precautions were taken to avoid introduction of
air into the vein. The wire passed easily, an 11 blade was used to
incise the subcutaneous tissue and the central line was passed over
the guide wire easily using Seldinger technique. The wire was then
removed intact and complete, blood was drawn back from all ports
and then ports were flushed with sterile saline.
Biofilm and Tegaderm dressing applied. The patient tolerated the
procedure well and there were no complications.
Post Procedural CXR was ordered.

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