Chronic Pain, Requesting Refill of Narcotics

#Chronic Pain
Patient advised that the emergency department was not a safe place to refill narcotic prescriptions for chronic conditions that are to be managed by a primary care physician. Patient was advised that the risks of multiple prescribers and prescriptions from the emergency department are associated with increased risk for poly-pharmacy or unintentional overdose. As such, patient advised to contact their primary care physician via making appointment or if needed sooner, to call primary care physician to request refill by phone for prompt refill contingent upon the primary care physician determining this to be appropriate and consistent with their care plan for the chronic pain. As such, the patient was not prescribed any narcotics from the emergency department out of concern for poly-pharmacy, unintentional overdose, and opioid induced hyper-analgesia. Patient was advised that there are OTC medications available that are first line recommendations for multiple pain syndromes and appropriate in some scenarios. Patient cautioned not to take dose larger than indicated on bottle and significant risks of doing so.  Patient agrees to contact primary care doctor for management of chronic pain. 

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