Initial Impression/Empiric management: SOB likely COPD exacebation
CBC: non-remarkable
BMP: non-remarkable
Lactate mildly elevated, repeat ordered, likely type II hypoperfusion from resp distress and not c/w sepsis.
Troponin negative
VBG w/ acute on chronic hypercarbia.
Therapeutically: duonebs, continuous albuterol, steroids, magnesium,
Considered azithro v levoquin and _
ED Course/Reevaluation: On re-eval, resp status improved. Off BIPAP given pt refuses. Repeat VBG shows CO2 82. Pt placed back on BIPAP.
Presentation is most consistent with COPD exacerbation, severe.
DDx – Considered the following diagnoses though based upon evaluation, pt does not meet reasonable level of consistency with characteristic findings/likelihood for further pursuit at this time (risks/outweigh benefits of non-indicated testing). Shared decision making with with pt attempted to the extent possible.
Not c/w PNA given afebrile, no opacity in CXR.
Not c/w ACS given EKG w/o electrocardiographic evience of ischemia, troponin negative, no chest pain consistent with ACS.
Not c/w CHF given no pulm edema by exam nor CXR, euvolemic on exam, no new LE edema.
Counseling: Patient/family educated on diagnostics, assessment, treatment plan. Patient/family amendable and in agreement with proposed plan. All questions and concerns answered and addressed.
Supervision: Discussed and obtained approval/confirmation of evaluation (history/exam/diagnostics) and plan (assessment/interventions/disposition) with ED attending physician

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