• CXR:
    • Normal study: no tracheal deviation, non-widened mediastenum, normal cardiac boarder, no pleural effusion, no air under diaphragm, no focal consolidation, no PTX, no gross bony abnormalities.
    • Abnormal CXR:
      • wide mediastenium,
      • bony abnormalities
      • Pulmonary edema,
      • Cardiomegaly,
      • lobar opacity,
      • diffuse radio-opacities
      • pneumothorax
        • on right
        • on left
        • mediastenium midline
    • Comparison to prior:
      • grossly unchanged,
      • worsened,
      • improved,
    • (This is an ED prelim radiographic interpretation in order to increase chance of finding obvious emergent pathology which can be intervened upon and to minimize delay in care secondary to delay of radiology to be able to provide formal reads. Given these studies require board certified radiologists to review and formal reads are beyond the scope of Emergency Medicine, institutional protocol in place which will alert current care team/patient for over-reads, changes, critical reads).

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