Patient worked up for reversible precipitant to seizure.
Diagnostically: cbc, bmp, UA, CXR, EKG ordered.
Preg test negative
No metabolic derangement that would be consistent with precipitant of seizure.
No significant leukocytosis and no source or signs of infection.
CXR w/o evidence of PNA ( CXR: tachea midline, normal mediastenium, normal cardiac silloutte, no pleural effusions, no air under the diaphragm, no airspace opacities, no PTX, no gross bony deformities. No radiopgraphic evidence of pnuemonia. )
EKG w/o ischemia, no interval abnormalities suggestive of evidence of ingestion in EKG.
UA not consistent with infection.
No hx nor s/s of head trauma therefore CT head deferred.
No s/s of meningitis therefore LP not indicated.
No toxidromic syndrome suggestive of ingestion/intoxication.
No e/o pathologic etiology that precipated seizure in ED.

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