•  Given that I am in the early stages of development of this site and applications, Smart Notes, the MedTx applications, and all other content are NOT appropriate for clinical use at this time and may ONLY be used for educational purposes.  At this time, this site is intended as an educational resource; not a clinical reference nor resource. By utilizing this site, you assuming ALL risk for errors (these are the notes of a trainee and I do NOT purport to be an expert) and ALL medical-legal ramifications. This is NOT peer reviewed and is a site akin to sharing of my notes for others to use while reading definitive sources and learning from credentialed clinicians.  In essence, this should never be considered complete (an experienced attending needs to ultimately guide the evaluation and treatment). And this should never be assumed to be applicable to any particular patient. EVERY patient is different with requisite clinical gestalt and judgement which precludes our replacement as providers with automation.