NSAID Toxicity

Patient presents with ingestion -suspected overdose-of NSAIDS.


_ evaluated for concurrent acetaminophen ingestion by obtaining acetaminophen level.
_  evaluated for potential suicidal attempt in this ingestion
_ Suspected ibuprofen ingestion:
_ Given ibuprofen symptomatic only if overdose  of over 100 mg per kilogram and all symptoms began within four hours and resolve within 24 hours, there is sufficiently low risk for toxic sequelae secondary to this NSIAD ingestion. given ingestion less than 100 mg per kilogram of ibuprofen, no additional medical evaluation is required at this time.
 given ingestion 100 to 300 mg per kilogram of ibuprofen, medical evaluation only indicated if symptomatic.

_Suspected NSAID (non-ibuprofen) ingestion.
-appropriate for observation at home unless ingestion is greater than five times the maximum daily therapeutic dose.

 _ will observe patient for four hours to ensure asymptomatic and then continued observation at home with return precautions.

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