Sober (clinically)

On re-evaluation of patient, patient is able to:
speak non-slurred speech
is alert and oriented
ambulatory with steady gate
has fine motor intact
able to articulate plan for safe aftercare upon discharge from ED
Patient demonstrates clinical sobriety. 
Patient has no new complaints and re-examination does not reveal any new abnormalities suggestive of previously undetected pathology. 
Employed importance that patient not drive for remainder of day and to exercise extreme caution while around stairs, areas for potential falls, and to avoid areas with potential for being hit by car (street crossing, etc). 
Patient advised not to drink/use substances which alter mental status/cause sedation/impair judgement or reflexes (alcohol, illicit substances, prescription medications) if driving in general and advised to refrain from those substances in general. 
Patient advised to seek treatment for substance abuse. 
Patient requests discharge, will oblige patient’s request given patient demonstrates capacity and is clinically sober. 

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